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My new book The Secrets of Hiram Abif - A "Key" to Understanding Masonic Symbolism is now available through my publisher Publish America at its website, and

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Forth book in progress, an in-depth look at what happened to Freemasonry after Jerusalem fell to the Romans in the First Century.

Meditations on Masonic Symbolism presents an interpretation of the true teachings of the symbols used in Freemasonry, which are not and never have been held secret from non-members of the fraternity. Those symbols are a part of the rich and ancient rituals Freemasonry has employed for ages to inclucate a strong sense of honor and virtue in the milions of men throughout the world who have become Master Masons. Because the principles of Freemasonry also teach that true peace and freedom result from a serious pursuit of the brotherhood of man under the fatherhood of God, the teachings derived from Masonic symbols are important to every person, man, woman and child living in the world today.

Among the very few secrets it does maintain — the ancient knowledge about mankind's relationship to God, concealed with such recognizable Masonic symbols as the Square and Compass — is fully explained in Meditations on Masonic Symbolism. Read More...

John R. Heisner

John R. Heisner is a Master Mason, 32nd degree Scottish Rite Mason, Shriner, Knights Templar, York Rite Mason, California Grand Lodge Committeeman, Knight of the Red Cross of Constantine and member of the Southern California Rosicrucian College. He has served as Master of his Masonic Lodge, helped found a European Masonic Lodge in San Diego, and has thrice received the prestigious Albert Pike Award for excellence in Masonic ritual. Read More...

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The study of masonic symbolism does not end with reading Meditations on Masonic Symbolism. That is merely the beginning of what should be for every Mason a lifelong pursuit of knowledge. To assist, John Heisner is working on a second volume which should be completed in the near future. Here, we present some excerpts from that new body of work.

Excerpts from future works:

From the time of his initiation into the fraternity, a Freemason is repeatedly reminded of his responsibility to regard the Holy Book as his guide throughout life. He is not, however, instructed to adopt everything contained in the Holy Book as doctrinally literal, for to do so results in disputes, division and dissension about the "correct" interpretation. Instead, the Freemason should constantly remind himself that the Holy Book is intended as a guide about how to love.

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"I'd strongly recommend this book, especially, perhaps, for the new brother (although this old brother found much of value here as well)." Read full review

-Jim Tresner

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